Company description

Worlder TEAM is a company under Worlder Group and based in Singapore that aims to enable companies in the food and beverage industry to bring their businesses to the global market. Worlder TEAM spearheads the development of efficient and effective IT solutions.

Roles and Responsibilities

Worlder TEAM’s current focus is on developing a restaurant operation system with novel integrated solutions from the R&D team to improve restaurant operation efficiency. The main software products from the company are applications based on machine-learning engines to improve customer service.

As we are a small company with a focus on R&D at the moment, we are looking for a frontend engineer who can grow with the company. The engineer is expected to be working remotely and independently, interfacing with the R&D team and designers in Singapore to develop frontend applications.

At the current stage, the responsibility is limited to:

  1. Working closely with the backend team to develop the frontend for applications related to the restaurant industry.
  2. Creating prototypes together with designers to confirm application requirements.
  3. Create simple frontend applications intended for internal demonstration of solutions from the R&D team.
  4. Communicating app requirements and specifications clearly to software vendors and monitoring their progress.
  5. Working closely with the marketing team to develop and maintain company websites and product landing pages.


  1. Resides in Jabodetabek area and is able to commute to Central Jakarta when required.
  2. Must be fluent in English both oral and written (native or bilingual proficiency).
  3. Strong technical background in executing frontend application development.
  4. Teamwork and excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  5. You may be required to attend night-time meetings to accommodate working hours for team members in the US but will not need to be working on projects at night.
  6. Takes pride in developing high-quality and efficient software.
  7. Positive attitude and willingness to learn on the job.
  8. Proficiency in web apps development with React.js and JavaScript.
  9. Confidence in using HTML and CSS to develop and maintain company websites.
  10. Have an experience in desktop application development e.g. electron js is a plus.
  11. Confidence in using Git and GitHub.
  12. Knowledge of SEO is a plus.
  13. Knowledge of Adobe XD is a plus.

Additional requirements (ok to pick up on the job):

  1. Postman.
  2. Docker.
  3. JSON schema.
  4. JEST.